Ruslan Kogan also likes to Compare Mobile Plans

koganlaunchIt seems that I wasn’t the only person who was creating spreadsheets in the early 2000’s to compare the different mobile plans on the market from all of the providers in order to get the best deal.

A recent post on Business Insider shared an old e-mail from Ruslan Kogan, where he had created a spreadsheet to compare the mobile plans from Vodafone, Optus and Three – and then shared it with his friends, much like I did back in that era as well.

In the email, he says

“I haven’t taken Telstra into account during all this or checked their call rates as I’m sure they’ll be twice as expensive as others,”

He also jokingly taunts the friends and family that he sent the e-mail to as well, saying that “I have been on the best available plan for the last 2 years now!!!”

So, if comparing mobile phone plans so that he gets the best deal is good enough for Ruslan Kogan (who is now worth A$349 million), then there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be getting the best deal on your mobile plan as well.

But, rather than having to track down all of the plans from every provider and create your own spreadsheet, I’ve already done all of the hard work for you – just browse my site and find the best plan for your needs today!

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