Hands On: Nillkin CP+ 9H Tempered Glass iPhone 6 Screen Protector

2015-03-14 11.23.25Today we’re taking a look at a high end screen protector for the iPhone 6, the Nillkin CP+ 9H Tempered Glass screen protector.

It’s designed to cover the full screen of your iPhone 6, and even featured a black or white bezel as part of the sheet of glass.

Let’s take a closer look at this screen protector and see why you should invest in one of these.

What’s In The Box?

In addition to the screen protector, there’s also an installation kit including instructions plus a wet wipe and dry wipe to clean the screen, a dust removing sticker and a screen cleaning wipe.


2015-03-14 11.34.42After laying everything out on my desk, I then went to work on installing this screen protector.

The three stage cleaning process is more intense than any other screen protector I’ve ever installed before, and the results were a lot better than the cheap plastic screen protector kits I’ve used on my previous iPhones.

The cleaning process involves a wet wipe, followed by a dry wipe, and finally a blue sticker that is designed to remove any remaining dust that is still on the screen and took a few minutes to complete.

After this was done, it was on to the application of the screen protector itself. As is common with all screen protectors, there’s protective layer to remove from the back of the screen protector, to ensure that it will adhere nicely to the screen.

I applied it to the screen but found that there was an annoying bubble in the middle of the screen that I could not push out, most likely because of the nature of a glass screen protector being a lot harder compared to a plastic type.

Luckily, in the kit there is a “replacement pulling tag”, a small sticker that is designed to slide under the screen protector to allow you to lift it up to remove it. I used the “replacement pulling tag” to lift the screen up to the point where the bubble was, and then pushed the screen protector back on to the phone, which eliminated the bubble and left a perfectly applied screen protector.


2015-03-16 12.05.59While the screen protector is rather thin at just 0.3mm, it is still noticeable when you look at the phone side on, mostly due to the extremely rounded nature of the iPhone 6.

Looking directly at the phone though, the screen protector does what it claims to do, and does to right the way to the edges of the screen and looks a lot nicer than some of the cheaper tempered glass iPhone 6 screen protectors that do not go out to the full width of the screen.


The Nillkin Amazing CP+ 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 is a high quality screen protector that looks great on your phone and feels great to use.

It’s available online from MobileZap for around $25 and is an essential item to invest in if you want to protect the good looks of your iPhone over the long term.

Note: This product was supplied for review by MobileZap. This did not influence the contents or outcome of our review.

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