Buyer’s Guide: Australia’s Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans

If you’re looking for a cheap mobile phone plan, then you’re in the right place.

In this buying guide, we’ll be taking a look at the cheapest mobile plans, in three categories:

  • lowest monthly costs/call costs for low usage users
  • the cheapest 24 month contract plans to get a new phone
  • cheap plans for high usage

Cheap Mobile Plans for Low Usage

If your mobile is more for receiving calls from friends and family and you only make an occasional call, then the cheap plans below could be a good fit for you. With most of these plans, there is no monthly fee and you just pay for what you use.

ProviderPlan NameNetworkCall RateSMS RateCredit ExpiryBuy Now
ProviderPlan NameNetworkCall RateSMS RateCredit ExpiryBuy Now
amaysim-logo-2d-colourAs You GoOptus 3G/4G12c/min, 0c flagfall12c90 daysBuyNow
LycaMobilePay As You GoTelstra 3G Wholesale12c/min landlines, 19c/min mobiles, 29c flagfall15c90 daysBuyNow
yomojoPay As You GoOptus 3G/4G11c/min, 0c flagfall9c90 daysBuyNow
365 Day PlanVodafone 3G/4G89c/min, 35c flagfall28c365 daysVisit a Store
Telstra icon bluePre-Paid Long LifeTelstra 3G/4G78c/min, 39c flagfall29c$20 = 60 days, $30-$50 = 6 months, $70+ = 12 monthsVisit a Store
optusTALK_Teal-YellowBubble-CMYK-CoatedMy Prepaid Long ExpiryOptus 3G/4G20c/min, 0c flagfall20c$30-$50 = 186 days, $60 = 365 days.Visit a Store

Our pick for this category is Amaysim’s As You Go plan.

We like this plan because there is no monthly fee, calls are just 12 cents per minute with no flagfall, and SMS messages are also 12c.

Amaysim operates on the Optus 3G/4G network, which means that you get access to the excellent coverage and super quick data speeds offered by the Optus 4G network, with an incredibly cheap call rate.

With Mobile Number Portability, you can easily transfer your current mobile number across to Amaysim when you sign up.

Amaysim’s customer service team is based in Sydney and have won several awards for providing excellent customer service.

You can read our full review of Amaysim As You Go or Click here to order your Amaysim SIM today.

Cheapest Mobile Phone Contracts With A New Phone

Time for a new phone? Over the years, mobile phone contracts have become a lot more expensive for two reasons – high end handsets are getting a lot more complex (and more costly), and the network operators have had to spend large amounts on spectrum and equipment for 3G and 4G network rollouts.

For that reason, we think the best deal can be had through purchasing a new phone outright and signing up for a SIM Only plan.

Cheap Mobile Plans for High Usage

The final category of cheap phone plans that we will cover on this page are cheap plans for people who use their mobile a lot. A number of the SIM Only providers offer plans with unlimited talk and text, which is perfect for people using their phones quite heavily.

And, unlike a contract plan that includes this allocation, the SIM only versions are a lot cheaper because the provider doesn’t need to subsidise the cost of your handset.

ProviderPlan NameNetworkCalls & SMSIncluded DataMonthly PriceBuy Now
ProviderPlan NameNetworkCallsIncluded DataPriceBuy Now
amaysim-logo-2d-colourUnlimited 7 GB
Optus 3G/4GUnlimited7 GB$39.90 (per 28 days)BuyNow
amaysim-logo-2d-colourUnlimited 3 GBOptus 3G/4GUnlimited3 GB$29.90 (per 28 days)BuyNow
amaysim-logo-2d-colourUnlimited 9 GBOptus 3G/4GUnlimited9 GB$54.90 (per 28 days)BuyNow
boost_ppm_rgb$30Telstra 3G/4GUnlimited3 GB Anytime plus 1 GB every weekend$30.00BuyNow
LycaMobileUnlimited XSTelstra 3G WholesaleUnlimited2 GB$24.90 (per 28 days)BuyNow
LycaMobileUnlimited STelstra 3G WholesaleUnlimited3 GB$29.90 (per 28 days)BuyNow
LycaMobileUnlimited MTelstra 3G WholesaleUnlimited7 GB$39.90 (per 28 days)BuyNow
LycaMobileUnlimited LTelstra 3G WholesaleUnlimited7 GB$44.90 (per 28 days)BuyNow
LycaMobileUnlimited XLTelstra 3G WholesaleUnlimited10 GB$49.90 (per 28 days)BuyNow
yomojoUnlimited 3 GBOptus 3G/4GUnlimited3 GB$29.90 (30 Days)BuyNow
yomojoUnlimited 6 GBOptus 3G/4GUnlimited6 GB$39.90 (30 Days)BuyNow
yomojoUnlimited 10 GBOptus 3G/4GUnlimited10 GB$49.90 (30 Days)BuyNow
$40 Red SIM OnlyVodafone 3G/4GUnlimited4 GB$40.00Visit a Store
optusTALK_Teal-YellowBubble-CMYK-CoatedMy Plan Plus SIM OnlyOptus 3G/4GUnlimited3 GB$40.00Visit a Store
Telstra icon blueGo Mobile Casual LTelstra 3G/4GUnlimited6 GB$70.00Visit a Store

Right now, Amaysim is the cheapest unlimited plan at just $44.90 per month with 5 GB of data on the Optus 4G network.

However, the SIM Only plan landscape is very competitive and the best deals today might not be the best deals in 3, 6 or 12 months time. You should sign up to our e-mail list at the bottom of the page so that we can keep you updated, or come back to this page to see who is the current cheapest unlimited plan and transfer your number to a different provider if a better deal comes along.

Click here to join Amaysim and get free delivery of your new SIM card plus our exclusive discount on your first month.

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