Get Cheap or Free Calls to India From Your Mobile

If you’re searching for a way to make cheap or free calls to India, then we are here to help!

We’ve rounded up the best mobile phone plans and SIM cards that will allow you to make calls to India cheaply – some of these deals charge 0c/min, effectively providing you with a free call to India after paying the flagfall cost.

In order to best present the data to you, we’ve created a table of the best mobile plans for cheap calls to India, which you can view below.

ProviderPlan NameCall RateFlagfallBuy Now
ProviderPlan NameCall RateFlagfallBuy Now
LycaMobilePay As You Go1c/min29cBuyNow
amaysim-logo-2d-colourAs You Go6c/min0cBuyNow
International Recharge2c/min23cVisit a Store

When comparing these options, it’s important to consider:

  • Flagfall: Many providers charge a flagfall, also known as a connection charge, when your call is answered.
  • Call Length: If you’re only making a short call, you might be better off with a provider that doesn’t charge a flagfall but instead charges a per minute rate like Amaysim. If you’re talking longer, one of the 0c/min offers with a 29c flagfall might work better for you
  • Special Requirements: Some of these providers allow you to access these rates directly from their regular accounts, like Amaysim or Lycamobile. Others require you to sign up for a pack of international minutes or to purchase a special international recharge/calling pack (like Vodafone). It’s worth checking this to make sure you don’t get caught out paying too much for your calls.

How Do I Get Cheap Calls to India?

To take advantage of any of these offers, sign up online through the links above to order a SIM card which will get mailed to your home.

Once you’ve received the SIM card, you can either:

  • Transfer your mobile number to the provider: If you’re making a lot of calls to India, you might find that its easiest if your main mobile service is with one of these providers. That way, you can always make cheap calls to India wherever you are.
  • Get a second SIM card or phone to use for international calls: If you’ve got a phone that supports two SIM cards, or you don’t mind swapping SIM cards when you want to make a cheap call to India, then you don’t need to use one of these providers as your main option. Instead, just swap to the second SIM card whenever you want to call India. You could also put that SIM card in an old phone, if you have a spare one in your home from your last upgrade. Many people have reported being able to use Amaysim SIM cards in phones that are locked to Optus Prepaid, so you could try that with a cheap Optus Prepaid phone as well.

Can I Get Free Calls to India?

While no provider can afford to offer truly free calls, you can get a zero cent per minute call rate on several of these mobile plans that applies immediately after you pay a flagfall or call connection charge. This can be great if you want to make long calls to friends or family members who live in India.

There are some web sites that offer special landline or mobile numbers that you can call that claim to connect your call to your destination number in India, claiming that you can use your included cap minutes to make these calls effectively for free. However, most of these services have really poor call quality as the calls are routed via the internet.

As well, many mobile providers have started excluding these numbers from their free call or cap plans, and charge these at a special rate to deter people from using them. We don’t recommend trying these services as you may end up with a nasty surprise when your credit is gone or you have a large additional charge on your mobile bill.

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