Best Vodafone Plans – Prepaid and Postpaid

Since launching in December 1992, Vodafone Australia has always been a challenger brand that has aimed to deliver better value mobile services to Australians. It is still delivering on this promise today, with the combined footprints of their 2G, 3G and 4G networks reaching 96% of the Australian population.

However, since the merger with Hutchison who operated the 3 and Orange brands in Australia, Vodafone have been working to increase the quality of their network, and one of the steps that they have taken has been to slowly reduce the number of MVNOs or resellers that have access to their network.

As a result, the best deals on the Vodafone network tend to come directly from Vodafone themselves.

Low Usage Prepaid Plan

When it comes to low usage, Vodafone Prepaid has a “365 Day” rate plan that includes the longest prepaid expiry on the market. Recharge amounts start at just $20, and calls on this prepaid rate plan are 89c per minute with a 35c connection fee. You also get a number of included minutes of calls to other Vodafone numbers – the more you recharge, the more free minutes you get.

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Regular/Heavy Usage Plans

If you’re using your mobile more frequently, there are a wide range of different options on the Vodafone network that might suit you.

If you prefer to prepay for your calls and have your own phone or want a new prepaid phone, you could consider include Vodafone’s Prepaid Caps. You can either get a SIM Starter Kit that will allow you to sign up for a new service with Vodafone or bring your number from your existing provider, or a Prepaid Handset Kit that includes a new prepaid phone and SIM card, ready for you to either bring your own number or sign up for a new number from Vodafone.

If you’d like to keep your existing phone (or have just bought a new one outright), then you could consider signing up on one of Vodafone’s No Contract SIM Only/BYO Handset Plans. These allow you to pay for your usage on a monthly bill, and remove some of the hassle associated with prepaid recharges. As with the prepaid plans, you can bring your own number or pick a new one when you sign up. Vodafone’s SIM Only plans include all the same value that you’d get on their 24 month contract plans, but at a discount.

Finally, if you’d like to get a new phone on a 12 or 24 month contract, you can do that with Vodafone too. Out of the three network operators (Telstra and Optus operate the other two networks in Australia), Vodafone almost always have the best prices and most inclusions on their plans for the latest flagship phones. When you sign up online, you will get free delivery and most plans also include an Online Exclusive bonus. Click here to sign up for a new phone with Vodafone.

Mobile Broadband Plans

With the large amount of money that Vodafone have invested in their network over the last few years to increase 3G capacity and build out a 4G network, the mobile data speeds on Vodafone are very good. Combined with the most generous mobile data allocations that we’ve seen, and it’s almost a no brainer to join Vodafone for a mobile broadband service.

Vodafone have a range of great mobile broadband plans and you can choose between Prepaid or Postpaid, and either buy a new mobile broadband modem or bring your own device. They even have devices designed to be used at home, like the Huawei LTE Cube which we reviewed here.

Five Reasons to Choose Vodafone

Here are five reasons that we think you should consider Vodafone for your mobile phone and broadband services.

1. Vodafone have invested heavily in their network over the last 5 years, with thousands of new towers installed or upgraded and over $1 billion spent, so that their network now covers 96% of the population. Plus, with their 30 day Network Guarantee, you can put it to the test in the areas that you live, work and play to make sure it suits your needs. If you decide that you don’t love the new network, you can return your phone and only pay for what you’ve used in that time.

2. On Vodafone’s Red Plans, you have the ability to take your plan’s inclusions with you when you are roaming in 47 countries for just $5 a day. This includes New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan – which are all popular destinations in our region, as well as the USA and most of Europe. This helps to eliminate the bill shock that is often associated with International Roaming.

3. Vodafone’s Red Plans also include Red Care, which gives you access to a priority call centre based here in Australia, allowing you to get through to a customer service representative quicker and get your issue sorted on the first call.

4. If you already have a mobile number, you can bring it with you when you join Vodafone – this is called Mobile Number Portability. All you need to do is tick the box to “Bring Your Own Number” when signing up online and provide the account number (if you’re currently paying for your services on a monthly bill) or your date of birth (if you’re on a prepaid service), and Vodafone will handle the rest including cancelling your current service once your number has transferred.

5. Finally, with some of the most competitive deals on included calls, text and data allowances on their plans plus the most competitive pricing on new handset plans, you’re going to get more for your money and get a better deal when you sign up with Vodafone.

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