Best Plans on the Optus Network – Prepaid and Postpaid

The Optus network is incredibly popular in Australia with a very strong 98.5% population coverage, dual band 3G 900/2100 and a super fast 4G LTE network that is being rolled out across the country very quickly.

Optus has also offered its network through MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) or resellers for a long time, with a number of large resellers operating on their network including Amaysim, with no restrictions on coverage unlike Telstra does to its resellers.

Because these resellers have a lower overhead and lower operating costs, they generally offer the best value on the Optus network, while still offering the same coverage and network access. The resellers are also responsible for their own customer service – so if you’re after an Australian call centre for support, then Amaysim could be a good fit for you.

We’ve created a few tables to compare the offerings from all of the Optus network resellers so that you can find the best deal for your needs.

Low Usage Prepaid Plans

There are some great deals for low usage users on the Optus network from Amaysim which you can sign up for as either a prepaid or monthly billed service. Both are perfect if you only make the occasional call and want to pay for what you use rather than paying for a large monthly allocation that you won’t actually use.

ProviderPlan NameCall RateSMSCredit ExpiryBuy Now
ProviderPlan NameCall RateSMSCredit ExpiryBuy Now
amaysim-logo-2d-colourAs You Go12c/min, 0c flagfall12c90 daysBuyNow
yomojoPay As You Go11c/min, 0c flagfall9c90 daysBuyNow
optusTALK_Teal-YellowBubble-CMYK-CoatedMy Prepaid Long Expiry20c/min, 0c flagfall20c186 daysIn Store Only

Regular/Heavy Usage Prepaid Plans

If your mobile phone never leaves your side, then these plans for regular to heavy usage (including a number of unlimited plans) could be the perfect fit for you. There’s a range of different plans including several Unlimited plans from Amaysim with varying data inclusions, designed to suit your needs.

Any of the plans that Amaysim offer can be signed up for as either a prepaid or monthly billed service, so you can choose what suits your needs.

ProviderPlan NameFeeIncluded CallsIncluded SMSIncluded DataBuy Now
amaysim-logo-2d-colourUnlimited 7 GB
$39.90 (28 days)UnlimitedUnlimited7 GBBuyNow
amaysim-logo-2d-colourUnlimited 3 GB$29.90 (28 days)UnlimitedUnlimited3 GBBuyNow
amaysim-logo-2d-colourUnlimited 9 GB$54.90 (28 days)UnlimitedUnlimited9 GBBuyNow
amaysim-logo-2d-colourFlexi$19.90 (30 Days)$19.90 - 9c/min9c SMS500 MBBuyNow
yomojoUnlimited 3 GB$29.90 (30 Days)UnlimitedUnlimited3 GBBuyNow
yomojoUnlimited 6 GB$39.90 (30 Days)UnlimitedUnlimited6 GBBuyNow
yomojoUnlimited 10 GB$49.90 (30 Days)UnlimitedUnlimited10 GBBuyNow
optusTALK_Teal-YellowBubble-CMYK-CoatedMy Prepaid Ultimate $30$30 (28 days)UnlimitedUnlimited1.5 GBVisit a Store
ProviderPlan NameFeeIncluded CallsIncluded SMSIncluded DataBuy Now

Mobile Broadband Plans

If you’re a data hungry user, the mobile broadband plans offered by Optus network resellers including Dodo and Amaysim represent excellent value and a great way to stay connected while you’re on the move.

ProviderIncluded DataMonthly FeeBuy Now
ProviderIncluded DataMonthly FeeBuy Now
750 MB$10.00Visit a Store
amaysim-logo-2d-colour1 GB$9.90BuyNow
amaysim-logo-2d-colour2.5 GB$19.90BuyNow
amaysim-logo-2d-colour4 GB$29.90BuyNow
optusTALK_Teal-YellowBubble-CMYK-Coated10 GB$60.00Visit a Store
amaysim-logo-2d-colour10 GB$99.90BuyNow
15 GB$130.00Visit a Store

Why Would I Choose An Optus Reseller?

Here’s five reasons that we think you should consider choosing an Optus reseller.

1. If you’re already on the Optus network and you’re looking for a better deal, then the resellers like Amaysim can be a great way to get a better deal on your mobile phone plan while knowing that your coverage won’t change.

2. Most MVNOs/resellers have lower overheads because they don’t engage in the large scale advertising campaigns that the three network owners do, which means they can pass on these cost savings to you in the form of cheaper calls and larger data allocations.

3. Because they are smaller companies, you will typically get better customer service from companies like Amaysim – in fact, they’ve won a number of customer service awards for their excellent Australian based customer support centre including the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award for Mobile Phone Service Provider of the Year in 2014 and Canstar Blue Award in 2013 and 2014 for most satisfied customers.

4. With Mobile Number Portability, you won’t lose your mobile number when you change providers – you can bring your existing number with you and still get access to the great value calls and data packs offered by these providers.

5. Finally, Optus resellers have unrestricted access to the Optus 3G and 4G networks, which means coverage in more places across Australia and quicker data speeds on their new 4G networks.

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