Amaysim vs Optus – What’s the Difference?

If you’re thinking about going with Amaysim, you may be asking what is the difference in service levels between signing up with Amaysim and going direct with Optus. In this article, I’ll explain why you should sign up with Amaysim if you’re looking to get a service on the Optus network as you’ll get the same coverage from Amaysim that you’d get from Optus, but with better customer service and better value rate plans and all with no lock in contracts. We think you’ll find that’s pretty amazing.

Who are Amaysim?

Amaysim launched in 2010 as a reseller on the Optus network. The founders of Amaysim had successfully launched, operated and sold a similar service in Europe called SimYo and saw an opportunity to bring the same concept to the Australian market and deliver amazing customer service and great value rate plans. In 2014, Amaysim became a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange.

When you join Amaysim, your customer service and rate plans are provided by Amaysim however your network coverage is provided by Optus as part of a wholesale agreement that the two companies have signed.

Already convinced? Sign up online with Amaysim nowOtherwise, read on to learn more about Amaysim’s coverage and customer service plus their rate plans..

Coverage and Customer Service

Amaysim’s coverage is provided by the Optus 4G Plus network, and part of the agreement that Amaysim have signed with Optus means that Amaysim’s customers are treated the exact same as Optus retail customers. This means you’ll get the same quality of coverage, and there’s no “de-prioritisation” of Amaysim’s customers compared to customers who sign up with Optus directly.

However, the big two big differences you’ll experience when you sign up with Amaysim instead of signing up with Optus directly is the customer service and rate plans. And if you pick Amaysim, you’ll find that you’re getting a much better deal than Optus.

Amaysim have won a number of awards from highly respected groups including Money Magazine for having the best value rate plans on the market. They’ve also won Canstar Blue awards several years in a row for customer service excellence. Amaysim’s call centre and live chat customer support is provided by a team based in Sydney, which is a big selling factor for many customers.

Have we convinced you yet? Sign up online with Amaysim nowOtherwise, read on to learn more about Amaysim’s rate plans.

Amaysim’s Rate Plans

There’s also a wide range of rate plans available on Amaysim that are designed to suit almost any customer’s needs. The most popular plans that they offer are their suite of Amaysim Unlimited plans.


There’s also the As You Go and Flexi plans. With the introduction of the Unlimited 1 GB plan, the Flexi plan is almost an unnecessary part of their line up, however the As You Go plan is still a great option if you’re looking to keep a mobile number active while overseas, for a backup phone in the glove box of your car – if you put it on Postpaid, you only need to make one call or send an SMS every 90 days or for other low usage applications like GPS trackers which send occasional SMS messages. It’s also a great option for grandparents or children who don’t have a data enabled smartphone.



As far as we’re concerned, if you’re looking to get on the Optus network, the best value for money plans to do that are with Amaysim – the customer support from both the call centre and live chat are so much better than Optus, and My Account portal makes it really easy to manage your account.

Found the perfect plan for you? Click it above to Sign up online with Amaysim nowOtherwise, read on to learn more about activating and choosing a great number with Amaysim.

Signing Up – Choosing a Number or Bring Your Own

When you sign up with Amaysim, all of their activation process is completed online which is part of how they deliver such great value rate plans. You order your SIM card online, then it’ll be sent to you overnight – or even same day if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne.

After that, you’ll complete the activation process, where you can choose a great mobile number that is easy to remember including one based on up to 5 digits of your choice, or bring your existing mobile number from another provider.


As you can see, when you join Amaysim, you get the same great Optus network coverage that you’d get when you sign up direct with Optus, but at a much better price and with award winning customer service.

Sign up online with Amaysim now. You’ll get free delivery on your SIM card, you can bring your own number or choose a great number that is easy to remember, and there’s no lock in contracts.

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