Amaysim UNLIMITED Review

Target User: Heavy call/SMS usage, large data user
Billing Method: Prepaid and postpaid options are available
Prepaid Credit Expiry: 30 days
Network: Optus 3G/4G
Customer Service: Australian call centre, social media team, live chat and email.
SIM types available: Regular/micro SIM as a dual punch SIM card (standard packs), nano SIM for iPhone 5/6 (specially marked packs).

The Amaysim UNLIMITED deal is great value for a medium to high usage SIM Only deal. It’s designed for people who use their mobiles regularly throughout the day and night but are happy with their current phone or willing to buy one outright. There are two plan options – on both, you get unlimited standard talk and text, including 13 and 18 numbers. For $44.90 per month, you get 5 GB of data, or for $54.90, they will give you a massive 7 GB of mobile data, and there are no lock in contracts – it’s a month-to-month deal.

Coverage and Network

Amaysim’s service is delivered by the Optus 3G/4G Network, so coverage across Australia is exceptionally good with 98.5% coverage of the population.

With the introduction of 4G to Amaysim, the data allocation on the $44.90 plan has remained at 5 GB, and data is now charged per kb rather than per MB. 5 GB of data is more than enough for most mobile users, and still provides the opportunity to occasionally tether your laptop or other devices without worrying too much about data usage, although you can upgrade to a 7 GB plan if you’re a really data hungry user who watched a lot of mobile TV.

Call Rates and Data Packs

Being an unlimited plan, call rates are not really an issue on this plan. However, if you’re an extremely heavy user of your smart phone, or find yourself tethering your phone to your laptop on a regular basis, you may find that even the extra large 7 GB of data on the $54.90 plan isn’t enough. If that’s the case, you can always add on one of Amaysim’s great value data packs to get even more mobile data.

Mobile Data

On top of the extremely generous 5 or 7 GB data allowance, you also have access to tethering – which is something that not every Optus reseller includes. Even if you occasionally tethered your phone to your laptop or tablet, you’d still have plenty of mobile data left over with their extremely generous allowance.


If your phone is unlocked and you’re a medium to high usage user who is looking for a better deal, then Amaysim’s Unlimited plan may be just what you’re after.

As with all providers in Australia, you can choose to port in your existing number when you sign up, which can help make the process of transitioning from one provider to another rather painless and hassle free.

The supplied SIM card features a punch out section to convert it into a Micro SIM or you can order the Nano SIM if you have a newer iPhone and the large mobile data allocations would provide more than enough data for heavy smartphone users.

Sign up for one of the 2 Great amaysim Unlimited plans and start saving on your mobile bill today!

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