Amaysim Mobile Broadband Review

Billing Method: Prepaid and postpaid options are available
Prepaid Credit Expiry: 30 days to 365 days
Network: Optus 3G/4G
Customer Service: Australian call centre, social media team, live chat and email.

If you’re looking for a way to keep in touch with your email and social networking whilst you’re on the go, then Amaysim Mobile Broadband could be just what you’re after. I’ve personally used Amaysim’s 1 GB per month plan to provide 3G data access at my holiday home, connected to a mains powered, fixed location 3G wireless modem and was very happy with their service. I’ve also used the 10 GB data pack with a 365 day expiry date, which is perfect for occasional mobile broadband use.

Amaysim Mobile Broadband is a completely SIM only offering which means if you want to connect to their 3G/4G mobile broadband service, you will need to buy your own modem. As they are on the Optus network, any Optus locked USB dongle should work and I have had success using an Optus prepaid dongle that I bought on eBay in the past with the service.

The SIM card supplied by Amaysim is also able to “punched out” to a Micro SIM, which means you can also use the Amaysim mobile broadband service with your iPad or iPhone, and some people have chosen to combine it with their As You Go service to make occasional calls from the iPhone as well as get data on the go.

By only offering SIM only services, Amaysim are able to keep their costs down through not having to subsidise the cost of supplying 3G/4G USB modems or wifi modems. This saving in overheads is passed on to you through better data allocations for the price point.

If you’re like me and only use your 3G/4G mobile broadband service occasionally when I’m out and about, then you’ll probably find that their 10GB for $99.90 plan is great value and allows you a full year to use up the included data. I’ve never had any issues connecting to the Optus 3G or 4G network for mobile broadband services and with 98.5% coverage of the Australian population, I’m sure it’s likely to work for you as well.

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