About This Site

Hi, I’m Oliver McKean and welcome to Plan Panda, where I help you to get the best deal on your mobile plan.

I’ve been interested in mobile phone deals since I was 17. At the time, I created  a spreadsheet to compare all of the different prepaid rate plans that were on offer at the time, to help me pick the best one for my needs. I also used the same spreadsheet to help a couple of friends with getting a better deal on their services too.

Since then, I’ve always kept my finger on the pulse of the latest prepaid and postpaid mobile deals, and have used almost every provider in Australia at some point, including One.Tel’s Next Generation Network when that was around and I was one of the first customers on 3 when they launched in Australia.

I started this site in 2012 to help all Australians get a better deal on their mobile plans.

If you have any feedback or comments on the site, or how I can improve it, I’d love to hear them! Please use the form on the contact page to send me an email.

Thanks for visiting!

Oliver McKean.